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Every day the news headlines seem to highlight at least one corporate crisis.

  • There’s Another Tainted Food Disaster
  • A Corporate Exec Dropped Millions on Gambling, Is Embroiled in A Sex Scandal, or is Involved in an International Payola Scheme
  • Rumors Continue to Swirl About Steve Jobs’ Illness

While today’s business climate presents an array of challenges for corporations, the risk of damage to the company’s good name and reputation is one of the most difficult risk areas to minimize. Damage to your company’s reputation could have catastrophic effects.

How your company deals with a crisis will be remembered long after the crisis has passed.

The Blaine Group, Inc., a public relations agency with expertise in managing crisis situations, has developed the Reputational Risk Management Solution which blends crisis management planning with strategies that specifically target the firm’s reputational risk areas.

The Solution:

  • Prepares executives, board members and key staff to deal with a crisis
  • Designs strategies to mitigate damage to the company’s image and reputation.
  • Prepares a plan to deal effectively with the media, regulators, shareholders, customers and other key stakeholders.

Key Features:

  • Fixed fee contract based on corporate profile:
    • Size
    • Industry
    • Location(s)
    • Other significant factors
  • Above includes
    • Analysis of Vulnerabilities and Threats
    • Advance Preparation
      • Condition of Employment Agreement
      • Employee Instruction Document
    • Reaction Plan including but not limited to
      • Chain of Command, including spokesperson/s
      • Who is notified and how to contact them (24/7*, where important)
        • Key Personnel*
        • Public Relations firm*
        • Environmental, FDA, tort attorneys*
        • Twitter manager*
        • Insurance agent*
        • Media
        • Other employees
        • Distributors
        • Customers
        • Vendors
      • Who does what
      • Skeletal press release/s
  • Additional services such as online reputation management, crisis public relations and risk management negotiated separately.

The Solution can be hard copy or wireless. When wireless, it is highly interactive and easily uploaded onto a computer or can be customized as a smart phone application for executives on-the-go. The customized Solution becomes the property of the client. Based on the client’s choices, the Solution will be disseminated among the levels of management that will be called upon to react in the event of a crisis situation before a solution is needed.

When desired, an interactive session will be scheduled with the client to bring such a situation to life by playing out the scenario utilizing a custom-designed board game.

An online Reputational Risk Management Solution Product component is also available. In this instance, client’s online reputation will be proactively shaped via multiple avenues. Based on the client’s needs, a combination of channels will be used including, but not necessarily limited to, creating or updating web-sites with semantic tags attractive to search engines, blog posts, online video content (Youtube), social media network profiles (Linkedin, Myspace), online knowledge base articles (Google Knol, Wikipedia) and press releases. Messaging can be achieved via Twitter or customized mass texting. Such efforts must be performed on a sustained basis over a period of time to protect and maintain the client’s good name.

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