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8665 Wilshire Blvd., Suite #301, Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Words from Our Clients

“You’re a pro, I would recommend you to anyone.”

Martin Cooper
“the father of the cell phone,” and author of Cutting the Cord: The Cell Phone Has Transformed HUMANITY

“The Blaine Group brings their “A” game to every client, using a total communications approach to secure broad-based media coverage, recognition-and ultimately, success-to business entrepreneurs, innovative startup companies, mature firms, novelists, non-fiction authors, screenwriters, and other pioneering individuals on the way to the pinnacles of their respective fields. The Blaine Group is also a delight to work with, bringing wit, humor, charm, genuine caring, and hard-won wisdom to the process. If you belong in the winner’s circle, reach out to these masters of their craft. They deliver.”
“You are a radiant being who brings light into the world! You are connecting the dots to reveal the patterns that lie behind the noise and apparent chaos, weaving the fabric of life by bringing people together in new ways. You have changed my life. Thank you so much for being you.”

Robert Rivenbark
Author of The Cloud: A Speculative Fiction Novel

“You will not find a more experienced, better qualified or customer driven agency anywhere.”

John H. Vermaak
President & CEO ALL-STAR ICE, INC.

“We have worked with many people in the public relations and marketing industry, here and out of New York, and have full confidence in Devon’s skills and expertise, with a singular respect for her responsiveness. From our direct experience with her, and from the statements and observations of clients and others who have worked with her, Devon is smart, practical in approach, capable on deliverables, timely and proactive in her efforts, and has the experience and expertise to know what to do. When I was looking for a public relations-marketing approach, I spoke with and evaluated Devon’s credentials, and she is the only person I’ve engaged, and historically the one our clients have turned to for assistance. As I recently shared with one client, share with Devon your background, objectives and the resources you have and are able to commit to public relations, marketing and branding, and then sit back and let her expertise come to the fore with practical, business-oriented real world advise which you can follow and afford to implement.”

Robert J. Feldhake

“Wanted to extend my personal thanks to you for all that you have done to support the roll out of my book. At every step of the way, I have felt that you have really ‘had my back.’ You have actively gone after podcast opportunities, found articles for me to write, and mentored me through unchartered waters. Responsive, professional, gracious, and kind – I couldn’t have asked for better. I’m a big fan of The Blaine Group.”

Peggy Lanum
Author of Navigating Uncertainty: An A to Z Guide For Well Being

“Devon is a great provider of Financial and Investor Relations and the principal of the LA-based The Blaine Group. I have known and worked with her for many years and I cannot speak more highly.”

Michael Brennan

``I've chosen to work with Devon Blaine of The Blaine Group several times in the past two decades... whenever I have a communications need. The Blaine Group's team is smart, sharp, competent... they 'get it,' whatever the 'it' is. It's also been my pleasure to refer the agency to others.``

Frumi Rachel Barr
MBA, PhD - www.frumi.com Author of Confessions of a Resilient Entrepreneur

“I have known Devon Blaine for about 15 years and during that time The Blaine Group has been a terrific resource for our clients who need creative assistance with their corporate communications and press relationships. Ms. Blaine brings a wonderful attitude, substantive knowledge, and reliable follow-through to every assignment, whether it is a small corporate relations project, or a complicated task like coordinating crisis response for companies.”

Kenneth S. August, Esq.,
President - AUGUST LAW GROUP, P.C.

“I have known Devon Blaine and The Blaine Group for over seven years. As a 30-year commercial lender, I have rarely seen a professional of her caliber. Devon is hardworking, sensitive to client needs, creative and honest. Devon is one of the most connected and well regarded public relations firms in Los Angeles. I can offer my unhesitating recommendation and endorsement of Devon and The Blaine Group’s services.”

Douglas C. Spencer
President/CEO Gilmore Bank

``I hired Devon and her team when I was heading up legal and development at a mergers and acquisitions firm. She gave us wonderful advise and aided us in creating our logo and related collateral. The Blaine Group also did the graphic design and printed our collateral that we used with great success nationwide. I have repeatedly referred clients to her and I have never had qualms about doing so.``

Mark Burton

``It's been a LONG time since Devon did any PR work for me, but when she did, it was good enough for me to retain her month AFTER month AND feel good that I was paying her.

One thing more about Devon (actually, two):
1. She hires smart people and manages them well, and
2. She does what she says.``

Jeffrey Ullman
Founder of Great Expectations, now Executive Producer, UV Entertainment Division of UV Enterprises

“The Blaine Group is an incredibly valuable asset to our company. They have the knowledge that comes with hands on experience and resources that extend our management team's reach to move our business forward. We appreciate their commitment to our success.”

Dennis Calvert
President, Nuway Medical, Inc

“The Blaine Group did the book promotion of my McGraw-Hill published book, Finance for Non-Financial Managers, because as we all know major publishers only print, they don’t market. Well, The Blaine Group does market, and their efforts got me a full-page feature article in the Los Angeles Business Journal and a radio talk show interview that broadcasts right to the market where I sell my services. AND the book is now in its second printing, less than a year after first going on sale. That’s what I call effective marketing.”

Gene Siciliano
CMC, CPA, Financial Management Consultant, Western Management Associates – Your CFO For Rent®

“As you know, two years ago we retained The Blaine Group to develop an ongoing trade public relations campaign, targeted to expanding Electrolizing’s base of business. Due to anticipated cutbacks in the aerospace industry, which we knew would significantly impact our business, our goal was to further penetrate other market areas such as medical devices, job shops, etc. Your advice and implementation of a program to disseminate one press release each month to nearly 200 applicable trade publications has not only resulted in exposure in numerous outlets on a monthly basis but also has been responsible for us receiving new business inquiries each week. The purpose of this letter is to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts, concerned follow through, and effectiveness. Should you ever need a reference, it will be my pleasure to provide one.``

Susan Grant
President, Electrolizing, Inc.

“At the conclusion of ‘FORMA ’80,’ I wish to take time to express to you my appreciation for your significant contribution to the success of the show. Both the exhibitors and our Headqaurters’ officials in attendance were very pleased with the efficient handling of all P.R. activities and the media coverage obtained through your efforts. The proclamations by Governor Brown and Mayor Bradley were particularly appreciated and contributed greatly to enhance the prestige of the entire presentation. On behalf of all those involved in the project, I take pleasure in conveying to you our congratulations for a job well done and our sincere thanks.”

Mario Castagna
Trade Commissioner, Italian Trade Commission

``I appreciate what you have done for this Komen Affiliate over the last three years. When we first started talking, I shared what I was looking for in a Public Relations partner and what this organization had gone through... that created some media challenges... The challenges didn’t seem to faze you at all, you saw it as an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and help us move forward. You wanted The Blaine Group to assist us in rebranding who we were within the Los Angeles community and you have done a tremendous job at accomplishing that. Your ideas are fresh and contemporary and you have a team that is a joy to work with. What I like in particular is that we’re not just assigned to one staff member that knows us, everyone in your office is aware of who we are, what we do and how we work together. At any time that I have called, I never felt as though I was talking to a stranger. I look forward to working together as we go forward in success... working to end breast cancer forever. So thank you, thank your team for me... We are going to soar to new heights... It’s good to have a trusty co-pilot that will help us get there!``

Mark Pilon

“Our firm has worked with The Blaine Group for many years and due to their expertise, our business has increased tremendously! They are the best!”

Leo H. Thomas
LUTCF, Managing Director, Price Raffel Browne

“Have had some great public relations successes working with Devon and her team. She is always professional, personable and a pleasure to work with.”

William Gladstone
President WATERSIDE PRODUCTIONS INC. Literary Agency and author of the international bestsellers The Twelve, Tapping the Source and The Golden Motorcycle Gang

``There are a few people in life upon whom we can count to get things done. That's been Belmont's experience with Devon Blaine for over 30 years. That's why we refer clients who need PR services to her company, The Blaine Group.``

Angelo Tullo

“In my 40 years as a sales manager, Devon is the best in her class that I have worked with. Her work is creative and effective. She goes the extra mile for her clients by promoting them in the community and bringing us introductions to centers of influence.”

Gary Schulte

``You were beyond phenomenal last night! I can’t possibly thank you enough for your incredible facilitation and brilliant wisdom you shared last night! You absolutely totally ROCK Devon! So grateful.``

Molly Lavik

“The Blaine Group is an exceptionally competent and effective communications service provider. I've known Devon Blaine for 20 years, and retained the services of her firm during both good and bad economic times. In all cases, my expectations have been exceeded. I have found all of the staff of The Blaine Group to be responsive and talented. The Blaine Group not only delivers results, they also have the unique capability of making each client feel as though he/she is the most important client, not with flattery or platitude, but with hard-work, friendly and engaging demeanor, and timely attention to client needs and points of view. I can recommend The Blaine Group without reservation, and will continue to use their services myself!”

John R. Nelson
Managing Director, California Capital Partners, L.L.C.

``Over the 15 years and multiple company engagements during which your services were retained, expectations were consistently exceeded. You and your staff collectively projected a genuine advocacy for each engagement. I can unequivocally endorse the services of The Blaine Group.”

Gary E. Lotzer
Former Pres/CEO, ICX Electronics

“Calling Devon Blaine just a public relations professional would be like calling Tiger Woods a ‘weekend golfer.’ Devon’s instant grasp of our offering, combined with the powerful campaign, contacts and compassion she has brought to our partnership, has created value far beyond heightened visibility for our new network.”

President & CEO of The CLIC

“Devon Blaine is the Queen of Public Relations for small businesses and corporations and entrepreneurs on the West Coast. No one is more expert or effective than Devon at disseminating information to the public through the media on behalf of owners of private enterprises.”

John Charnay
Charnay & Associates

“When we launched the LawFund Management Group, things didn’t really take off until we retained The Blaine Group. Devon Blaine heads our marketing team and supervises and coordinates a well-honed, focused, marketing effort that brings LFMG to the attention of all of our target markets. We made the right choice in selecting The Blaine Group.”

Herb Dodell
Consultant, LawFund Management Group - Author- From the Trench to the Bench

“The Blaine Group started doing our public relations in 1980. I could hardly believe the way our corporate image became known by customers and the public at large. It wasn't long before the name of Medevac was associated with quality paramedic ambulance service in California and Nationwide. I would highly recommend Devon Blaine and her team at The Blaine Group to make your company’s image in the mind of others the same that is in your mind.”

Joe Dolphin
President, Medevac Inc.

“Please accept our heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude for your part in the Van Nuys Diamond Jubilee 75 th Anniversary. As we reflect back over our ambitious and challenging 75-day celebration, we realize that this complex undertaking was made possible only by the commitment of dedicated people like you. Without you, we couldn’t have done it! The Diamond Jubilee celebration was started because we were proud of our community and the people in it. Now that the activities are done, we are even more convinced that Van Nuys and its citizens and businesses are truly special. Again, thank you. With your continuing enthusiasm, we hope to keep… ‘Van Nuys – a Vital Part of the Past, and a Vital Part of the Future.’”

Ken Worthen - Bruce D. Ackerman
President, Van Nuys Diamond Jubilee 75th Celebration - Executive Vice President, Van Nuys Diamond Jubilee 75th Celebration

“On behalf of the membership of United Paramedics of Los Angeles, I wish to thank you and your staff for the work and the effort put into our campaign. Your ability to understand the issues and represent them to the public in a manner consistent with our philosophy was key to our success. Thank you again for a job well done.”

William N. Wells
President, United Paramedics of Los Angeles

“I can’t say enough positive things about The Blaine Group! Our project, the Thank a Nurse Team Challenge, was moving along very slowly. It was not receiving the kind of attention we had hoped. Once The Blaine Group team came on board, things changed dramatically! Devon, owner and the president, has amazing resources and a wide network at her fingertips. Her years of experience certainly made a huge difference in the success of our project. The Blaine Group arranged many speaking opportunities and media placements, including a television spot on one of the most widely viewed programs in Los Angeles. I’m so grateful we teamed up with them.”

Pamela Jane Nye
President/CEO Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd Owner, Operation Scrubs, Inc. 501(C)(3)

“We've only worked with Devon Blaine for a few months, but we've already found her to be a top professional who delivers everything promised and more. The adjectives that come to mind are patient, hard-working, forward-thinking, innovative, meticulous, and energetic. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Claudia Suzanne

``I have worked with Devon and The Blaine Group associates for the past year. During that time, they have all been consistently courteous, friendly, prompt, focused and most importantly - diligent. They truly care about their clients, and demonstrate this in all of their dealings. Due to my association with The Blaine Group, my book, Fidget's Folly, was entered in a children's literature contest and won a bronze medal. This has been emotionally satisfying and has had a positive impact on promotion and sales. I highly recommend The Blaine Group to anyone who is considering engaging their services.``

Stacey Patterson
Author of Fidget's Folly and Fidget's Freedom

“The Blaine Group’s longevity is directly attributable to its president’s indefatigable dedication to her clients, and to going the extra mile. I’ve known Devon Blaine for 20 years or so, and have found her reliable, consistent, and inexhaustible.”

Dr. Kenneth Atchity

“I have worked with The Blaine Group for more than 10 years and in that time my companies have received the best in public relations services. I would not hesitate to retain The Blaine Group in any capacity in which their expertise would complement our needs.”

Lynn Harper

“We have worked with The Blaine Group on several occasions. Once to develop a marketing plan for targeting sales to major retail outlets. Again, to rifle shot coverage in significant online outlets. Not only was their work exceptional & on time both times, the press coverage secured brought us to the attention of two major clients that we would only have dreamt of previously. Thank you to Devon & her exceptional team.”

Gary Rotman
Co-founder SiMPL

“The Blaine Group is proactive and imaginative, often uncovering overlooked and fresh promotional opportunities while also responsive to our needs and efficient with our resources. We feel Devon and her staff are professional in every respect and as dedicated as we are to achieving our goal of success.”

Stephen D. Ferrone
J.D., CEO, Immunosyn Corporation

“I was referred to The Blaine Group by a colleague who had previously worked with Devon Blaine on a financial board. Our company’s goal was to recreate and upgrade a restaurant brand for introduction into the organic retail market. We found Devon and her staff immediately grasped the essence of our mission and thereafter were always two steps ahead of us, anticipating our needs and structuring an innovative public relations and branding program. We worked directly with Devon, a seasoned professional who not only facilitated press coverage, events and entre to key financial players, she was an amazing strategic thinker and team player with the other partners in this venture. Devon worked around the clock with a finesse that seemed effortless. To this day, two years after the conclusion of the project, I remain in communication with Devon on a regular basis.”

Laura Gaines
President, Soul Vegetarian

``We just wanted to let you know how much we really appreciate working with you. We have worked with other companies in the past to schedule celebrities, authors and other talent radio interviews and have been left very disappointed with their un-professionalism, last minute cancellations and incorrect times and date. Your company and your clients are very professional, timely and personable. We had a great experience working with your company and look forward to working with you again because of our great experience. Thank you for everything!``

Velicia Alston
Director All Talk Radio Network

``It has been my pleasure and good fortune to use the public relations and communication consulting services of Devon Blaine for more than 20 years. I regularly recommend to corporate clients their retention of The Blaine Group as I have found Devon to be; well connected, energetic, motivated, experienced and imaginative.”

Arthur Lipper
Chairman, British Far East Holdings Ltd. - Former editor in chief & publisher of VENTURE MAGAZINE

“I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on our victorious project in Los Angeles. All of Medevac’s management team were impressed and delighted with the results. For the past two years, Medevac has been applying for additional permits to operate private ambulances within the City of Los Angeles. Because of anti-competitive ordinances and opposition from a handful of politically mighty competitors, these applications were never approved. This is despite the dramatic need for increased ambulance resources in the city. As we began to work together, the strategy was for The Blaine Group to utilize its contacts and relationships, to lobby elected city officials to hear and see the merits of Medevac’s proposal, to in a sense, give Medevac a fair trial. Only four months after seeking the assistance of your firm, Medevac has ended its two-year quest for permits, with the single largest award of ambulance permits in the city’s history. The Blaine Group indeed got Medevac a fair trial, and the quality of Medevac’s service won the award Thank you again for your excellent work. Without the help of The Blaine Group, there was no chance for success.”

Glenn S. Leland
Vice President, Medevac, Inc.

“I wish to thank you and your Group for the excellent job you are doing in promoting The Hollow Man by Richard Dokey. The publicity and talk show lineups are moving bookstores to order the books and develop their own in-store promotions to mesh with what you and Joyce Brubaker of your company are developing. I would be happy to recommend you to any publisher or author who seeks expert assistance in developing publicity and recognition for a new release. It is the life blood without which new books will seldom reach profitable sales. Delta-West Publishing and I look forward to a long and productive relationship in launching new books and especially The Hollow Man which I feel is destined to become a best seller in time.``

Jon van Geldern
Publisher, Delta-West Publishing, Inc.