Succeeding In A Recession By Marketing
Whether our country’s in a contraction, slow down, panic, recession or headed to one, now is an ideal time to benefit from what has worked to companies advantage in prior downturns. More...

Media and Public Relations
Many clients benefit from a deep and wide exposure to their own community and the general press. Business, trade, and consumer media will be mixed effectively to achieve broader corporate goals. More...

Financial Public Relations and Investor Relations
The Blaine Group spearheads investor relations campaigns which augment the financial public relations efforts implemented on behalf of its publicly-held clients. More...

Working with The Blaine Group will create powerful advertising in less time and with more integration than working with another agency. More...

Crisis Management
You have worked hard to build a thriving business… then the unthinkable happens… your company is thrust into the limelight… nationally and negatively!

 “It could never happen to me,” had been your mantra thus far.  As a result, you are totally unprepared… no crisis plan exists, you don’t even know who to call for help.

That’s when you need to call The Blaine Group. More...

New Media
Our work is about getting attention and results – and making the most of your budget. Our creative output enhances your corporate image, positions your products and/or services, and helps generate sales leads.
Direct Response Marketing
The Blaine Group works with a number of direct response companies and their founders, whether it be promoting Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About, one of the best-selling books of 2005 (which was on the bestseller list for 20 + weeks), to launching Dean Griaziosi’s Totally Fulfilled, to consulting, advising, and managing the media challenges experienced by many infomercial marketers.

Strategic Thinking and Tactical Execution

Our greatest strength lies in formulating strategies that result in the right tactics to enable your business and its products or services to be heard clearly over the competition’s noise. Like you, we aim high. Like you, we innovate. And, like you, we succeed.
Branding and Presence
Building successful brands is about consistency of image, message and presentation. The Blaine Group has all the tools and talent to ensure that you are communicating in a synchronized way, bringing more leverage, more power, and more presence to your brands.
Positioning and Marketing

Your standing and reputation don’t always precede you. Through careful research and analysis, we devise and implement a marketing communications program that will give your business more presence in your industry, among your peers, and in the community. More...
Community Relations
We help forge partnerships between businesses and non-profits to the advantage of both. It is not only the smart thing to do, it is the right thing to do.

Authors’ Promotional Tours

For the past 30 years, The Blaine Group has worked with a number of publishers and authors, scheduling authors’ promotional tours, as their new books launch.

To date we’ve represented four bestselling books, Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About, which was on the bestseller list for 20 + weeks in 2005, selling more than five million copies; Dr. Irene Kassorla’s Nice Girls Do and Now You Can Too; J. Patrick Wright’s bestseller, On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors, and Steve Alten’s first novel, MEG.

Speaking Engagements
Devon Blaine, President and CEO of The Blaine Group and a highly sought after speaker, is available to speak at your next function. For topics and booking info,
click here

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